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Happy 17th of May! This is the Norwegian national day, and it is a HUGE celebration in Norway.

Skål! (means cheers)

Stay tuned for more pictures throughout the day! 😀


Norwegian word of the day: Sol – which means sun 😀

Sweet and simple to remember, yayyy!

Unfortunately it is missing in Los Angeles today 😦


A fellow potc 4 fan that also can sing: Poppy Khan. Check her out 😀


Read 3DTVWatcher’s review on Ingri:Dahl’s James model here


Norwegian lesson of the day: Briller

The word means glasses 😀

One of the Ingri:Dahl founders sporting our 3D shades


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VIP pre-screening of the Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides 😀 more on


Our second Norwegian lessons: Tvillinger, which means Twins.

3D is an effect that is created by bringing two twin pictures together, and funny enough two of the founders are twins.


Once again the Dream Factory is hosting 3opolis – a 3D nightclub party! This time at the Cannes Film Festival. Will you attend?