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Camisole top
£55 –

Balmain white stretch skinny jeans
€995 –

Christian Louboutin suede booties
$995 –


“There’s no excuse to not look your best,” says designer duo Kine and Einy Paulsen founders of Ingri:Dahl. And the truth is that they are right! The designer duo twins went to a glamorous production at an LA movie theater, the twins were given the tacky 3D glasses to watch the movie, right… 

TrendCrib: Ingri:Dahl | Fashionable 3D Glasses



You looked absolutely ridiculous with the 3D Glasses the movie theater gave you last night? We introduce you to the most stylish 3D glasses you will find! These cuties were designed by Norwegian twins Kine and Einy Paulsen, who together created Ingri:Dahl, a collection of fun, trendy and most importantly, affordable 3D Glasses.


You are probably thinking these girls are geniuses, and we agree. We LOVED these 3D Glasses so much, that we obviously had to include them in Gen Art’s Fresh Faces in Fashion gift bags!

Want to know more? Watch this video and find out how the talented Paulsen twins came up with Ingri:Dahl!

Images: TopCreators of Ingri:Dahl, Kine and Einy Paulsen at Gen Art’s Fresh Faces in Fashion Red Carpet; Middle- ‘Popcorn’ 3D glasses.

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