A letter from the founders :)

Dear Friends,

Raising money on Kickstarter has been quite an unusual experience for us, but definitely a good one! It was an indescribable feeling a few days ago when we were notified that our project had been picked out by Kickstarter as a staff favorite. And then the exhilaration of going to Kickstarter.com yesterday, and seeing that we had made it to the front page!

Then there is the amazing support from you guys – you guys are fantastic! We are touched by all your pledges, your positive comments/emails/messages and all the Facebook posts and Twitter retweets. Thank you for these random acts of kindness – it warms our hearts! 12 days left and we have raised 47 % of our goal! Let’s go! http://kck.st/vWxSxh

Kine and Einy

Ps. If you know anyone who wears glasses, you should tell them about our 3D clipon. Takes away the glasses on top of your glasses problem!

Pps. We have some really cool rewards on our Kickstarter page: discounted 3D glasses, awesome Ingri:Dahl t-shirts and movie tickets ++



We would love to hear from you!

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