Pictures from NAB 2012

Here are some pictures from yesterday’s trip to the NAB show, the annual tradeshow hosted by National Association of Broadcasters in Las Vegas. 

Over 100,000 people visit the NAB show each year. The Las Vegas convention center is covered with stands representing every angle of broadcasting. It felt good to sit down after walking the floors for a few hours! Very glad I decided to wear comfortable shoes 🙂

The highlight was definitely all the news in the world of 3D. I visited every stand I could find that had some relation with 3D, including 3ality, Cameron-Pace Group,, ++. 3ality and Cameron-Pace Group showed real-time demonstration of their 3D rigs and cameras, which was very interesting. Being on the product design side of the 3D world, I’m not too familiar with the technical side, so I really enjoyed learning more about 3D broadcasting from the 3D technicians.

RED presented Loom – a 3D short made especially for NAB 2012 by director  Ridley Scott. Giovanni Ribisi, from Avatar, Gone in 6o seconds and Broiler Room, had the leading role. The story was a dark depiction of a future society, but really demonstrated the RED’s new prototype, a 3D laser projector. And it was passive 3D, so I got to don my own designs while everyone else wore the pairs that they handed out (and had to be returned!)

Interesting fact: Everyone I talked to said that out of all of the 3D systems – they prefer passive 3D 😀



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