The first official F.A.M.E event at Geisha House

Just wanted to drop by and congratulate the founder of F.A.M.E., Niccole Culver,  for a very successful event at Geisha House last night.

1. Me and Niccole 2. Cool name tags 3. Custom designed chocolate covered fortune cookies

Tons of interesting ladies came out to listen to the speaker of the night, Jaunique Sealey. If you have your own business or trying to make it as an artist etc., you should check out her book, Piece of Fame. What an incredible lady – bachelor’s in engineering and a law degree from Harvard Law – and she’s had time to work with some amazing people and companies, such as Lady Gaga and Barney’s New York! Proud of Niccole for pulling her first event in such an amazing way – you rocked it! Can’t wait for the next F.A.M.E. event!

Got to run. Almost late for a meeting. Just almost. Always on time! Yes – even in trafficky Los Angeles!


P.S. I update all throughout the day on Instagram – so if you’re on it, we should be friends 😀


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