As busy as I claim to be, I’ve still got the greatest job in the world – Peter Criss

Technicolor's 3D dictionary

Yesterday was a very busy, but an extremely fun day! My schedule was filled with meetings and work that had been done before the last business day of the week was over (we entrepreneurs still work on weekends 🙂 ). My day started of at Technicolor, where I met with 3D expert, Ed Elliott (check out his blog here). Thank you so much for the book you gave me, Ed! Look forward to meeting again soon.

After the meeting at Technicolor I met with, who told me about the latest endeavors. The guys launched a website in January, where you can upload content (picture or video) and it will automatically be converted into 3D.

Tyler and Michael behind

Then I had my second meeting with Justin Giritlian, who I wrote about here. Still can’t say too much about it – other than it is going to be really cool 🙂 Ok, I’ll give you some clues: Fashion and 3D will come together with classic Hollywood!

1. Justin 2.Justin explaining a 3D movie set using an iPhone, a banana peel and a Starbucks cup!

The rest of day just went by to sitting an unnecessary amount of time in traffic (a disadvantage of lovely LA), being on business calls and doing more work.

Hope you are having a good weekend! Talk soon!


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