A million dresses..

ImageWhen Emily McDonald, founder of Stylist LA, and I first met, we immediately hit it off. As fellow entrepreneurs, we had a lot to talk about. After that meeting, and every meeting since, I’ve left inspired and filled with new ideas for INGRI:DAHL. Even though INGRI:DAHL designs 3D glasses, and StylistLA is a high-end dress borrowing service, many aspects of our businesses intersect and we can give each other advice. The same happened today, when I visited her at her Downtown LA office! Her office must be every woman’s dream: it’s filled with beautiful dresses in every color of the rainbow. If you live in Los Angeles, you should definitely consider renting a dress from StylistLA next time you have an event, instead of buying yet another dress!


I believe getting a fresh perspective is important in every aspect in life, not just entrepreneurship. You are forced to revise what you are doing and look at things from an outside perspective. So I dare you all, challenge yourself – ask someone else: how I can improve (be it work, working out, a hobby, a project, etc.)?

Change in all things is sweet – Aristotle

Hope you had a good day!



One response to “A million dresses..

  1. love this post 🙂 Thanks so much…..and know you always inspire me!

    TheStylist LA

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