April as seen through a pair of 3D glasses

Since May arrives tomorrow, here is April summer.

We made lots of smoothies – some came out good, some came out bad (like this one that had to be eaten with a spoon)

Met 3D producer Justin Giritlian at Border Grill Downtown LA. If you’re ever there,  you have to try their guacamole – it is to die for!!

As entrepreneurs, you wear many hats (and shoes).

We went to Royal-T in Culver City for the HBO screening of the new show “Girls”, have you seen it yet?

Vizio invited us to join them at the KROQ Coachella House powered by Vizio with our INGRI:DAHL 3D eyewear – we of course said yes!

Titanic was even more amazing in 3D. What a beautiful story.

The people from the Vizio and KROQ Coachella House really liked our 3D glasses:)

Kine attended NAB and learned lots about the future of 3D. She met a lot of nice people as well.

Congrats again to Niccole for putting on an amazing event at Geisha House 🙂 Thank you for inviting us – it was a blast!

One of the people we met through our attendance to NAB was one of the 3D experts at Technicolor, Ed Elliott. What a great man! He also gave us a copy of the Technicolor 3D dictionary book, which already has been extremely helpful to have handy!

We met with Justin Giritlian again. This time Kine learned the making of 3D content through a demonstration built up of a banana peel, an empty Starbucks cup, an iPhone and two drink stirring sticks!

Love meeting with Emily McDonald, founder of Stylist LA. This month’s meeting at the StylistLA headquarters wasn’t any different 🙂

Molen Antolin shared her story and gave advice on how to make it in the fashion world in Midweek Motivation.

A lovely breakfast meeting with Shannon Benna and Justin Giritlian at the lovely Joan’s on Third. More meetings to come! 🙂

Visiting Amy and Katie at Society of the Spectacle was fun as always! PS. They carry our 3D glasses for you guys who would like to try them on 🙂


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