Preparing for the launch of the Spring Collection 2012!

It’s always crazy when we are about to launch a new collection. Product pictures, model pictures, videos, press releases, interviews ++ But it is also one of the most fun times for us, because we finally get to show off the designs that we have been thinking about for so long! The feeling of holding something that you’ve created in your hand, is a feeling I’ll never get tired of! More pictures to come soon, but here are some for now:


This collection is quite extraordinary as it was made possible through the support of 331 Kickstarter backers earlier this year. Once again I would like to thank those who pledged and shared our project – THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

I also dropped by Leadership Enterprises in the morning – what a great group of talented and friendly people. One of them, Mike, has what most be one of the coolest office decorations ever, I had to take a picture:


Hope you all had a good day! Midweek Motivation with the Norwegian fashion blogger, Iben Bergstrøm, tomorrow, you’re in for a treat!



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