Midweek Motivation: 3D expert Ed Elliott

It’s time for another Midweek Motivation interview! This time we have had the honor to interview Ed Elliott. And we are very excited to share his answers with you. Not only will you be most likely be inspired, but you will very likely learn a thing or two about 3D movie making in Hollywood.

1.      Who are you and what do you do?

I am Ed Elliott: multi-faceted, curious, architect of technology, photographer. In university I studied both medicine and engineering – chose electrical engineering but what I learned about human biological systems has been most valuable when designing large complex technology systems. The fruits of learning always pays back… Combining human perception design with advanced digital workflows naturally includes 3D – as used both in cinemaphotography and other industries. In terms of my ‘day job’ my passion is bringing the tools of technology to the art of storytelling.

2.      Your favorite trip ever and why?

My wife (of just a year at the time) and I travelled to South Africa, then just ‘drove north’ with no particular place in mind. We found ourselves (most fortunately – as we were critically low on petrol!) in a little ‘resort’ (aka a small collection of huts – rondavels – at the mouth of a river on the Indian Ocean :  Qolora Mouth. Pure magic. White sand. Clear river. Aqua ocean. Great food. Singing hymns and ballads with the kitchen staff after meals. No electronics. (Well, at that time cell phones didn’t exist.. really!)

3.      What is your favorite 3D movie and which one are you looking forward to? 

Hard question for two reasons: I view 3D as just one more technique in the producer/director’s toolchest. Do we ask about ‘favorite rotoscoped movie?’ or ‘favorite black & white movie?’ Today, 3D is novel, and, if used correctly can add to the storytelling experience – so to focus on this is normal. The other difficulty for me personally is that I work in the industry with clients that produce 3D movies – so to pick out one studio or producer over another is not something I can do. I do look forward to the increasing number of well shot 3D movies – the industry is learning and although we have had a few turkeys there are some really well-designed ‘immersive movies’ out there (my preferred description of what we call 3D).

4.Who is your style icon?

No single one. I love and admire fashion as worn in ‘real life’ – and celebrate this with my view of people expressing themselves with my personal passion of ‘streetphotography.’ The creativity that men and women (well, to be honest, women more than men – most guys are pathetically lazy about their appearance!) bring to their personal presentation always surpasses what even the most skilled ‘designer’ can come up with. I like a casual, relaxed style personally – but love detail and fine craftsmanship. I must admit a weakness for Robert Graham shirts…

5.      What are three things you can’t live without?

Partner. Friends. Camera.

6.      What is your advice to someone who is pursuing their passion as a career

Tread carefully… While many have said that the best way is if you can make your passion your ‘day job’ – it’s not always easy or simple. The financial pressures, routine, issues with ‘customers’ etc. can suck the joy out of what once was a passion – if you are not careful. So it’s not for everyone. If you are lucky enough (or cursed enough!) to simply HAVE to do what you do, and can get paid for it – you are blessed indeed. In my case, I made a decision years ago to leave photography as a private passion and put my creative skills to work with computers, video, technology etc. – those also bring me a sense of achievement and wonder – I feel fortunate that I like what I do for a living – but when I’m looking though the viewfinder  it’s just for me. I can shoot what I want, when I want, interpret it any way I want. If someone else likes it, that’s a bonus. I never get tired

Hope you enjoyed this interview as much as we did. Check out more of Ed’s work here.  Have a great day!


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