Midweek Motivation #13: Stacey Ferreira

We at INGRI:DAHL love to interview inspiring and motivational people for our weekly Midweek Motivation column. Reading about another person’s experiences or take on how to be successful give us a kick midweek to give a little extra at our designer 3D glasses company! This week we have interviewed Stacey Ferreira – the girl who by age 18 had gotten funded by Sir Richard Branson largely because of Twitter!! Enjoy!


1. Who are you and what do you do? My name is Stacey Ferreira. I’m the co-founder of MySocialCloud.com. Most people know me as the girl who “replied to a Tweet sent out by Sir Richard Branson and received just under $1mil in investment for my company when I was just 18 years old.” But today, at 20 years old, I help run the day-to-day operations of the business and share our story with the world!


2. Your favorite trip ever and why?
I’ve been on a ton of trips because my mom loves to travel, but one of my favorites was when we drove from Arizona to Maine in one summer. It was so long and I became car sick really quickly, but I saw a lot of the country and was able to spend a lot of time with my family!


3. What is your favorite 3D movie and which one are you looking forward to?
I saw Avengers in 3D last year in New York. I LOVED it. And I know this movie is already out, but I can’t wait to see Finding Nemo in 3D – the fish are animated, but they’re adorable!

4.Who is your style icon?
Ah! I have lots of style icons. I frequent tumblr and lookbook – so I try to pull my style from a collection of people on those. It’s always fun to mix and match styles depending on season and mood!


5. What are three things you can’t live without?
My Laptop. My Chocolate Chip Cliff Bars. And my iTunes library. (And of course my family and friends!)

6. What is your advice to someone who is pursuing their passion as a career?
Don’t ever be the person that says “I’m waiting for ______ to happen for me to [pursue my career, meet someone I’ve always wanted to meet, etc.].” Always be the person that says “I’m doing _____ so that I can [pursue my dream career, meeting someone new, etc.].” Those who wait for things to happen will be waiting their whole life, while those who go out and make things happen will be truly living their whole life.

To learn more about Stacey or to follow her moves, check out www.mysocialcloud.com/stacey!




One response to “Midweek Motivation #13: Stacey Ferreira

  1. very inspirational! we love a go-getter!

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