Midweek Motivation: 3D Fashion Photographer, Doug Betzold

We at INGRI:DAHL love to interview inspiring and motivational people for our weekly Midweek Motivation column. Reading about another person’s experiences or take on how to be successful give us a kick midweek to give a little extra at our designer 3D glasses company! This week we have interviewed 3D fashion photographer, Doug Betzold. Enjoy!


1. Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Doug Betzold, and I create 3D and 2D Photography and Video for multimedia. I craft new and different ways to produce what I call “Photomedia” and visual communications. In 2012, I was nominated 1 of 6 finalists worldwide for ‘3D Photographer of the Year’ by Sony and the World Photography Organization.

I work with companies that are defining the new landscape of digital creation and marketing in 3D and 2D, as well as designers that look to the future for new possibilities in marketing and branding their products like Alexis Monsanto Atelier and INGRI:DAHL Eyewear.


2. Your favorite trip ever and why?

Tough question, I spent ten years traveling the Western US as a nature and wildlife photographer before getting my BFA in Photography and pursuing 3D and Multimedia. Out of these trips the very best was going to photograph the Kermode Spirit Bears in British Columbia. It was amazing to experience these beautiful creatures in such pristine surroundings, but nothing can compare with the trips I have gotten to share with my wife Meredith. Most notably, would be our first trip to camping in the west together when I had just started photography.

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3. What is your favorite 3D movie and which one are you looking forward to?

Well so far my favorite 3D movie would be Hugo by Martin Scorsese, but I must admit I have very high hopes for Life of Pi and The Hobbit (and that I should have seen both of them by now).


4. Who is your style icon?

LOL it’s funny but I’m not really sure. I spent more time in fleece, nylon and denim during my years of nature and wildlife photography than I care to remember and never thought of form, only of comfort and function, because out there it could save your life (or kill you) if you made the right (or wrong) choices.

While getting my degree in photography, I discovered fashion photography and have been exploring my own sense of fashion ever since. I am conservative and/or casual, and I tend to wear ordinary things and add small details that help define my character. I like my white Burberry shirts with the cuffs and necklines that have the trademark pattern that just peep out, and I love my ‘vintage’ leather jacket that I got for $48 bucks and had restored. I still wear a lot of comfortable work clothes for shooting and cargo pants are a must but I also enjoy getting dressed up and styling a lot more than I used to. Maybe Ralph Lauren, with a dash of James Bond or James Dean depending on the attire.


5. What are three things you can’t live without?

My wife Meredith and my kids Michael and Leigh.

6. What is your advice to someone who is pursuing their passion as a career?

That passion is more than just liking something or staring a blog or even going to school. I met lots of students at my school that will never use their degree in the arts for one reason. It takes A LOT of self-motivation. If you can’t get out of bed and spend every minute you have available in your life to that passion as a career then you probably won’t make it work. If you do, then you probably will.









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