Here are some pictures from the Young Female Entrepreneurs Los Angeles  (YFE) event in March.  The event, that took place at Magnolia Place in Pasadena, featured Caroline Tran, who shared her story about how she transitioned from a 9-5 teaching job to working full time doing photography. This YFE was hosted by the lovely trio Dorothy, Kat Rogers, and Kristine.

Young Female Entrepreneurs is an online platform that connects entrepreneurial women in their 20s and 30s with new people, brands, and headlines that help them start and grow businesses. The YFE mission is to help young women on their path to profitable businesses while building a collective reputation that is philanthropic, successful, multi-faceted, and collaborative.

3d glasses 3d_tv_glasses 3d_glasses_for_TV_and_movies_at_YFE_event6 3d_glasses_for_TV_and_movies_at_YFE_event5 3d_glasses_for_TV_and_movies_at_YFE_event4 3d_glasses
3d_glasses_for_TV_and_movies_at_YFE_event7 3d glasses

Photo Credits: Nicole at Cocolett Photography



PS. If you buy your 3D glasses today, you’ll have them in time for The Great Gatsby that comes out in 3D, May 10th!

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