INGRI:DAHL recommends: Foxed 3D


We at INGRI:DAHL have always been fans of Geneva Film Company headed by TED speaker and 3D expert, James Stewart. Lately, they have been working on an incredibly cool 3D project, Foxed. It took 52 shoot days to make this 3 minute long stereoscopic 3D, stop-motion short film. And the finished product is downright impressive, check out the trailer below:

About Foxed:
Emily has been Foxed! in this 3D stop-motion tale of fighting for what you believe in. Filmed in stunning 3D, Director James Stewart crafts a cautionary tale about child labor, growing up in an environment of parental control, and how children are often misunderstood in the eyes of their parents.

Starring: Athena Karkanis and Fiona Highet.
Directed by: James Stewart and Nev Bezaire.
Trailer music: ‘Darkest Child’ Kevin MacLeod (



PS. If you buy your 3D glasses today, you’ll have them in time for The Great Gatsby that comes out in 3D, May 10th!


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