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World War Z 3D

Everybody’s been raving about Brad Pitt’s latest flick, World War Z 3D, which hit theaters this past weekend!
Directed by Marc Forster, this action and horror movie takes zombie horror to a whole new level, especially due to the 3D aspect of the film. Even critic David Denby from the New Yorker says, “they managed to reawaken in a large-scale movie the experience of the shock”. Check out the trailer below and go watch it tonight:

About World War Z

As the world faces a horrific Zombie pandemic that is destroying armies, governments, and taking lives by the thousands, United Nations employee Gerry Lane (played by Brad Pitt) sets out to save not only his country, but humanity itself.
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Midweek Motivations: IncubateNYC founder, Brian Lee Shields

We at INGRI:DAHL love to interview inspiring and motivational people for our weekly Midweek Motivation column. Reading about another person’s experiences or take on how to be successful give us a kick midweek to give a little extra at our designer 3D glasses company! This week we have interviewed IncubateNYC founder, Brian Lee Shields. Enjoy!
*Make sure to watch it in full screen! 😀
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