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We launched our project on Kickstarter 2 weeks ago – we are up 15 % since we started but we won’t get anything unless we raise 100 %. Help us fund the Spring Collection by sharing the news with your friends and family! We will send you a virtual hug!Β 

Open up your window and shout out to people walking by “Support Ingri:Dahl on Kickstarter” πŸ˜€


Norwegian word of the day: appelsin brus

It means orange soda! Haha random πŸ™‚

Solo, the soda in the picture, is supergood!


Norwegian word of the day: FjordΒ 

Norway is full of them. They are beautiful. The actual definition is: A long, narrow, deep inlet of the sea between steep slopes πŸ˜€


The Norwegian National Anthem in honor of 17th of May


Happy 17th of May! This is the Norwegian national day, and it is a HUGE celebration in Norway.

SkΓ₯l! (means cheers)

Stay tuned for more pictures throughout the day! πŸ˜€


Norwegian lesson of the day: Briller

The word means glasses πŸ˜€

One of the Ingri:Dahl founders sporting our 3D shades


Our second Norwegian lessons: Tvillinger, which means Twins.

3D is an effect that is created by bringing two twin pictures together, and funny enough two of the founders are twins.


Norwegian word of the day: Konge! The word for king. commonly used to describe for awesome things and exclaimed when cool things happen πŸ˜€